Owners Bill and Wendy Krause have a passion for grass-fed beef in part because they’ve experienced wheat and chemical allergies in their own family. They live in Tucson, Arizona, where they also operate Terra Designs, a nursery, landscape, and design center. But both grew up as farm kids and have a sincere appreciation for the farm life.

The couple started the Diamond K farm in Canby, Minnesota, near the South Dakota border, in 2007.

Their son, Evan, his fiancé Karen, and daughter and son-in-law, Erin and Luke Velde, operate the farm. Evan and Erin were born and raised in Tucson, but always loved the snow and cold – so operating a cattle ranch in the Great Plains was the perfect fit.

The Ruby Red Devon breed raised on the farm is one of the oldest cattle breeds in America, coming over with Christopher Columbus in 1492! The animals are docile, known for their quality genetics, and recognized worldwide for producing some of the finest beef off pastureland alone.

We’re confident you’ll enjoy the Ruby Red’s beefy essence, rich aroma, tender quality, and delicious flavor.

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